Know These 3 Preventable Moving Problems

Many choose to work with an experienced moving team like A.C. White, as it is often more efficient and reduces stress. Georgia residents and transplants can make a move smoother with our Alpharetta moving company. Consider these three points to keep in mind when taking care of a few issues that could potentially end up costing extra time and money.

Plan in advance to keep moving costs within a set budget. Common and entirely avoidable problems involve furniture, extra items and special services.

Furniture Will Not Fit

A person moving may want to be aware of the dimensions of their current furniture and if items can be transferred easily from one location to a moving truck and then into a new residence. Hallways and staircases that are too narrow can mean that a new couch or table is left behind or needs to be disassembled to be moved. It is a good idea for customers to know if current furniture will fit through entryways of current and future homes to prevent this problem.

More Boxes Than Anticipated

A moving company provides a rough estimate factoring in the number of rooms and boxes to be moved. Customers who end up packing more than expected may find that they need to pay extra or may require another truck and more movers. This can delay a move and lead to extra expenses.

Last Minute Bookings

Booking a move at the last possible moment can cause an issue. Georgia residents who have not taken time to check out reviews on reputable moving companies and need to find a company that is available to move their items within a short time frame may not be satisfied with the results. Working with an experienced company and scheduling some time in advance can often make for a more affordable and less hectic move.

Experienced Movers Can Help

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