Know Your Storage Needs Before Renting a Space

There are several factors you should consider before deciding on a storage company. As an Atlanta moving company with nearly 90 years of experience in the relocation and storage industry, we are more than familiar with what these factors are. Answer the questions below accurately and you will have a fairly good idea of the kind of storage space you need.

Why Are You Storing Your Items?

If you are seeking temporary storage space for about a month or so, you will not need much more than the square footage that your stuff will actually take up. However, if you need to store your possessions for a much longer period of time, it will better to rent a space that allows you to move things around and add items for the duration of your lease.

What Items Are You Putting in Storage?

Ordinary furniture, tools, clothes, household items, etc., typically do not need special storage conditions, but sensitive electronic equipment as well as antiques and some types of paintings and artwork may. Several storage facilities now offer state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage units for an additional cost. Shop around, compare prices and negotiate. Some places will give you a price break if you take out a longer lease.

What Level of Security Does the Facility Have?

Obviously you want your items stored in a safe place, so look for security cameras, fire safety devices, etc. Your stored items should also be protected from pests and insects. Make sure the individual storage units are well-sealed and the surrounding areas are kept clean and free from any type of possible infestation. You can also be proactive in this regard by making sure you store only clean and non-food items in your storage space.

How Accessible Is the Facility?

If you plan to access your storage space often, opt for a facility that is conveniently located to where you live or work. It is also advisable to look for a site that gives you convenient ramp access for any big items you wish to store.

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