How to Stay Cool During Your Move

Moving is never fun – and the stress of moving day can quickly multiply when trying to pack, transport and unload your possessions under the glare of the hot Georgia sun. Planning your move in advance and pacing yourself throughout the day can help you cope with the blazing heat. These tips will help get you through the day in one piece.

Start Early:

Get as much of the heavy lifting and vigorous work done early in the day — the temperature will continue to rise as the day progresses. Park your truck in the shade and start as close to sunrise as possible to capitalize on the coolest part of the day. If possible, schedule additional loading for late in the day to avoid baking in the hot afternoon sun.

hot move, sunPack in Advance:

Spend the days before your actual moving day packing up your possessions in air conditioned comfort. If you wait until moving day, you may find that by the time you get everything boxed up it will be uncomfortably hot outside. If you have more than one floor, move things downstairs prior to your moving day if possible. This way, your boxes and furnishings are ready to move out the door as soon as the sun rises on moving day.

Stay Hydrated:

When you do have to venture out into the hot Georgia heat, make sure you stay hydrated. Dehydration will slow you down and may even make you feel ill. Prevent this by drinking plenty of water, tea or lemonade throughout the day as you work.

Pace Yourself:

While you should get as much done early in the day as you can, don’t overexert yourself in the heat. You will quickly become exhausted if you do too much during the hottest part of the day. While it’s understandable to want to get things done quickly, trying to go it alone or get too many objects loaded at once can exhaust you quickly.

Ask for Help:

The more assistance you have, the easier you move will be. Your boxes will be packed more quickly – and even large pieces of furniture will be easier to move with friends. If you are able to pull together a crew of helpful friends you will find moving in the heat much less stressful.

If you really want to have a stress-free move that is cool and comfortable, get professional help. Get one of the premier moving companies in Atlanta to safely load and transport your items – and you’ll stay out of the heat entirely. Contact us for immediate assistance, or follow our blog for great moving and packing tips every week.

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