How to Move a Wine Collection

Wine collection: PixabayAnyone who has moved, whether to the next town, across the country or halfway around the world, knows that it can be a stressful and anxiety-laden experience. This is all the more true when relocation entails moving expensive and highly delicate items such as a wine collection. Note these practical tips for moving your wine collection and avoid the tragedy of broken bottles and compromised bouquet.


Preparation: Packing

The first thing you should do is inform your mover that you have expensive and sensitive items that need special handling. This will affect the insurance coverage for your move. A knowledgeable mover can guide you to the right plan that provides you with the maximum protection against loss or damage. You may need to have your collection appraised in order to determine the amount of insurance you require for the move.

Reputable movers have climate-controlled or refrigerated vans that can accommodate a large wine collection. If your collection can fit in your car and you plan to transport them yourself, keep in mind that the ideal temperature for transporting wine is a constant 55 degrees.

Well-trained movers know know how to properly pack and prepare wine bottles for transport. If you are packing your wine collection yourself, remember to place corked wine bottles upside down or on their side to keep the cork wet and prevent it from breaking down. Label the container ‘Fragile’ and clearly mark which side goes up. This way, if another person ends up handling it, your wine collection will still be safe.

Upon arriving at your destination, allow your wine collection to rest undisturbed for at least seven days for every day it was in transit. Opening a bottle too soon after a long move may result in a loss of flavor.

A.C. White has over 85 years of expert moving experience. Trust your move to us and enjoy a stress-free relocation. Now that’s a great reason to open a fine bottle of wine!

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