How To Maximize Moving Home for the Summer

Summertime has long been associated with days spent lounging poolside, late-night bonfires, baseball games, and long walks in the park, not to mention watching moving trucks litter the streets as people relocate to new homes.

Thanks to the beautiful weather and long hours of sunlight, you cannot really blame those who postpone their moving dates until June and July. Please note this is the busiest time of year for Atlanta moving companies, so get in touch with A.C. White as soon as possible to make your reservation!

It is common practice for millions of college students, especially those who have just completed their freshmen year, to move back home for the summertime. Few things are better than free housing for a few months and being able to spend quality time with loved ones. Here is some solid moving advice for getting back home safe, sound and without breaking the bank!

Moving Tips for the Homebound

You will want to start prepping for moving day at least one month in advance. It is at this time that you should get quotes from various Atlanta moving companies (if you plan to use one) and begin organizing your belongings. You do not necessarily need to pack anything right now, but it may help to box up any items you know are not going to be used in the coming weeks. This will streamline the transportation process and keep you from rushing around at the last minute.

If you do schedule the move with a company, try to do so on a weekday if possible. Saturday and Sunday rates are typically much higher. The two weekends to avoid like the plague are Memorial Day weekend and the last one in July. Expect to pay very high fees on these dates. Depending on how far you have to travel, be sure to pack all of the necessary vehicle essentials. An emergency road kit, water bottles and extra coolant for your car in the case of an overheating dilemma are required gear!

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