How To Involve Your Kids with Moving and Packing

Our local Atlanta movers know that moving and packing away all of your child’s belongings can be hard on him or her. It can also be a stressful time for you, and your children can feel it and will notice your feelings too. Helping them move and letting them help with the moving process will make for a more enjoyable and smoother transition for every member of your family.

Ease the Transition

If you can time your move accordingly, moving during the summer or over a school break can be easier on

easing the transition

your child. Since they will likely not be attending the same school, it’s a great way to keep your child involved and spend time with them during this period of change. They will feel more established in their new home before they start their new school.

Get your children of all ages involved in the move. If you have young children, try to make a game of packing or unpacking. Have a race to see who can unpack a box faster. Take them to a store and let them pick out stickers to decorate the boxes that will be going into their bedroom or play area. The stickers don’t just have to be for their belongings. Consider the different stickers available and the rooms in your home. Using food stickers for the kitchen, tools for dad’s workshop and a theme sticker to clarify a room can be a fun activity that you will all understand and they will enjoy helping with.

If you children are older, see what they would like to do in the new area. Maybe they want to see a movie and check out the new theater or maybe there is a restaurant they want to try. If your move puts you in an area with museums or theme parks, even better! Promising a night or day out after you unpack and move can be a great motivator to get things accomplished.

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