How Early Is Too Early To Start Packing for Your Move?

If there was one piece of advice our professional movers want to emphasize, it is to never wait too long to ready yourself for moving day. You can be the most organized person around, but chances are something unexpected will come up that will throw you off course.

It does not take much to escalate a minor setback into a full-blown catastrophe, which is why early preparation is essential for every residential and commercial relocation. Does this mean you need to bust out the packing tape months ahead of time? Not quite, but if you are not at least making phone calls to local Atlanta moving companies four weeks out from the big day, then you could very well run into some unneeded problems.

When Should You Start Preparing for Moving Day?

The staff at A.C. White are often asked when it is ideal to begin prepping for a residential or commercial move. The answer is, it varies.

For those of you ambitious enough to tackle a summer season relocation, be sure to allot yourself plenty of time in-between. Thanks to ideal temperatures and longer days, this is when most home and business owners wait to move.

While in theory this makes perfect sense, the practical application is a bit more complicated. More people moving at the same time means fewer available slots and higher fees. If neither of these bother you, our full service movers in Atlanta suggest getting ready one month in advance.

The exact timing will, of course, depend on how many and what type of belongings you have. We strongly recommend placing large furniture and items you do not intend on using until you get to your new home in a short-term storage unit. This will reduce the amount of clutter and make everything run smoother come moving day.

Most people will be safe to begin packing the remainder of their possessions 10 to 15 days before the date. Remember to keep in touch with your Atlanta moving company during this time and notify them of any changes that may come up.

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