House Packing Tips

Giving yourself enough time to pack for a major move is perhaps the single best advice to reduce the stress level associated with any relocation. Below are a few more useful tips to prevent a moving meltdown of major proportions.

Stock Up on Packing Supplies

You know you will need packing tape, boxes, markers and labels for the move. Stock up on these items early. When you’re in the middle of packing, the last thing you want to do is rush to the store because you ran out of an essential packing item.

Pack Items from a Room Together

Keep items from a room in the same box whenever possible. This will make unpacking them in the new location much simpler. Clearly mark where each box belongs (kitchen, bedroom, study, etc.) so unloading them will be quick and simple. Don’t forget to label boxes that need special handling (“fragile” or “this end up” with arrows indicating the correct orientation) to avoid confusion and broken items during the move.

Assembly Aid

For furniture or other items that will need re-assembling in your new location, put the necessary hardware in a small plastic bag then tape the bag securely to the item. If you need instructions to complete the assembly, include those in the bag as well.

Pack an Essentials Box

This will contain supplies that you will need for the first 24 hours of your arrival in your new location. Everyone’s essential items will be different, but include supplies such as cleaning solutions, instant coffee, toilet paper, dish towels, soap, shampoo, a shower curtain, etc. Don’t forget to include pet food if your have four-legged friends moving with you. This box should be clearly labelled as such (“essentials”) and be the last box to be loaded so it will be the first box to be unloaded when you reach your destination.

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