Helpful Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful time for every member of the family. Our pets can feel anxious and uncertain during this time too. With a little advanced planning and preparation, pets can make a successful transition to their new home. Here are a few tips to help things go smoothly.

Before Your Move

Prior to moving day, visit the vet to make sure your pet’s recommended vaccinations are up to date. Fill prescriptions for any needed pet medications. If moving a long distance, obtain a copy of your pet’s health records to take along to the new vet.

A pet carrier or crate will be needed for transporting your dog, cat, or another small animal in the car. If your pets aren’t used to being crated, they should ideally spend some time in the crate before the move. A favorite treat or toy may help your pet acclimate. The crate can become their familiar place of safety and security during the busy packing and loading process.

If your move will involve a lengthy car trip, pack a take along bag for your pet. Items to bring include a leash, water bowl, food, and a favorite toy or two. Make sure to walk your dog at rest stops and allow for potty time. Some animals may not be interested in eating during the trip, but always offer water to keep them hydrated. Remember to book pet friendly lodgings if overnight stops are necessary.

After Your Move

After arriving at your new home, introduce the pet slowly to its new surroundings. Cats are especially sensitive to their environment, so it may be best to limit them to one room at a time. Dogs should be kept on a leash outside until they become familiar with the new yard. Even obedient pets have been known to run off from unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure they are wearing an ID collar with your current contact information. With a little extra love and attention from their owners, most pets will quickly adapt to their new home.

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