Help Send Your Child Off To College: Part II

Whether this is the first time you’re sending your child off to college or you have gone through this before, a child moving out of the home can be a physically and emotionally draining experience.

In our many years as a successful Atlanta moving company, we’ve seen our share of emotionally charged moving-to-college scenarios. Take heart — you and your fledgling young adult will survive this milestone moment and live to laugh and talk about it in years to come. In the meantime, take advantage of our knowledge and experience as a seasoned Atlanta and Alpharetta moving company with these tips that might just help to make this transition easier for everyone involved.

Send Your College Freshman off with a Tool Kit

Pack a tool kit with essentials, such as a utility knife, duct tape, a tape measure, screw drivers and pliers. Make sure your college-bound teen knows how to use the tools inside so they can handle easy repairs in their dorm room on their own.

Bring a Power Strip

Make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle several electricity-sucking gadgets your son or daughter (and their roommates) will inevitably plug into it. You are never sure how many wall outlets there will be in any dorm, so this is something they will definitely need but rarely think to bring with them on their move.

Handle Any Mattress Concerns

If the idea of sleeping on a mattress that a stranger has slept on before makes you or your teenager uncomfortable, by all means bring a mattress topper. Most colleges won’t even mind if you bring your own mattress. Be sure to call ahead so you’ll buy the correct size for the bed they have in the dorms.

Bring a Fan

Keep in mind that you and your child with be moving in towards the end of August, which is typically still a hot time of the year in most parts of the country. Have the fan going throughout the move. It will help keep everyone cool in more ways than one.

As one of the most trusted moving companies in Atlanta, we are proud of the role we’ve played in the lives of thousands of Peach State residents. We’ve been there for them as they expanded their horizons and began new adventures. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial movers in Atlanta, call us. Let us help you with everything you need to make your move a less stressful experience. We can also be of assistance with Atlanta data storage and business or personal records management.


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