Guide to Cross-country Moving

As a successful moving company for nearly 90 years, we have helped thousands of individuals and families move to and in Atlanta through the years. In that time, we have witnessed the amazing resilience of Americans as they end one chapter of their lives and begin a new one with humor, honesty and incredible courage. They manage major cross-country moves with equal aplomb and confidence with the help of friends, family or professional movers — often a combination of all three. They go through pages upon pages of lists, post-it reminders and truckloads of caffeine. We have found the following tips to be most helpful when faced with a cross-country move.

De-clutter and Simplify

Why pay to move something thousands of miles when you don’t even use, need or want it? Two months before your scheduled move, go through your entire house or apartment – every room, closet, secret compartment and storage space. Separate your possessions according to those that you will keep and those that you will give away. There will always be some items that will fall somewhere in between, but try to keep those items to a minimum.

Act Decisively

Give away as many items as soon as you can before you have a change of heart. This would be a good time to hold a garage sale. Unless you absolutely cannot part with them, consider buying bulky items like sofas and dining sets at your new location. Off-load these heavy items at your garage sale. This puts money in your pocket, frees up space in the moving truck and gives you less items to pack.

Pack Wisely

Identical boxes make it easy to squeeze as much space out of your moving truck, but if you have to open all of them to find your bedroom slippers, they suddenly do not sound like an inspired choice. If you are using these generic brown moving boxes, label them meticulously. Designate which room in the new house each box is to go and have a list of its contents clearly displayed on its surface.

For a cross-country move, invest in new boxes to ensure that your household goods survive the trek across the country. Use plastic bins for heavy items or those that you do not want crushed. You can always use the bins for storage later on.

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial movers in Atlanta for a cross-country relocation, call us. Our many years of experience in the Atlanta moving industry make us the reliable experts in safe and stress-free relocations. A.C. White is your Atlanta local mover who can take you anywhere in America you want to go.


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