Fun Moving Facts You May Not Know

According to a study by HomeData, 14 percent of Americans move every year. Picture it, out of 282,556,000 people, 40,093,000 moved in 2015. That’s a lot of boxes and moving tape. If you are moving soon, check out some more quick and interesting facts about moving in general. Maybe it will make you feel less alone in the process.

It’s Stressful

The Employee Relocation Council notes moving is topped only by divorce and death for life’s stressful events. We try to challenge that notion every day by making the moving process as worry-free as can be for our customers. Just one more reason to hire a pro!

Americans Value a Short Commute

When it comes to selecting a neighborhood, the determining factor for a majority of people is commute time. Few of us enjoy the hustle and bustle of traffic on our way to and from work, so this fact is completely understandable. Parents often place school district quality at the top of their list as well.moving day

We Move Often

Most of us will move an average of 12 times in our lifetime. Though the number may seem high, take a moment to count up how many places you have lived — it may surprise you.

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Moving is Seasonal

May through September is peak moving season. These four months account for half of all moves. Moving when it is cold (or snowy for folks in the North) is definitely not enjoyable!

We Have a Lot of Stuff

The average weight of transported household possessions is 6,500 pounds. Americans sure know how (to not) travel light!

Do not let the stress of moving get you down. As a top Georgia moving company that has helped thousands of residential and commercial clients safely transport their belongings, we have experienced it all. As overwhelming as the process can seem, it is important to relax, take a deep breath and get excited about the thought of living in a new home or working in an upgraded office space! Contact us today!

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