Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

If you’re using a moving company for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions about how it works. If the process seems confusing, don’t worry — you’re not alone. We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions about working with movers. Your move should be as simple as possible, and with a good moving company, you can have that and more! Find some Atlanta movers to assist you with your move today.

1. Am I required to pack my own belongings?

Most companies offer additional services that include packing up your belongings. However, you can also choose to pack everything yourself, ensuring that your boxes are ready to go on moving day. Many people like to pack their valuables or fragile items and move them on their own, but it really depends on personal preference. A.C. White offers full-service moving, where our expert movers do it all.

2. If I do pack my things, is the mover still responsible if things are lost or broken during the move?

moving boxesYes, the mover is still responsible. They are not supposed to move items that they believe to be improperly packed or that could potentially be damaged, and they are required to repack these items for you. If something is lost or broken during the move, the mover is responsible as long as the issue was not caused by an act of nature, an act of omission by the shipper, an act of public enemy, an act of public authority, or inherent vice. You have nine months from your delivery date to file a claim for reimbursement.

3. What kind of documents should I expect?

When you hire a moving company, you will receive several types of documents throughout the course of the transaction. The first is a written binding or non-binding estimate for the move. You should also receive a copy of the U.S. Department Of Transportation (DOT) publication, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” You will get paperwork with the mover’s contact information and where to go if you have questions or complaints. On the day of the move, you will get a copy of the order for service, a bill of lading (contract), an inventory sheet and an acceptance sheet.

4. What are my responsibilities during the move?

On the day of the move, you should be present to oversee the pickup and delivery. At pickup, you will need to notate the condition of your furniture and other large items once they are loaded. If any damage occurs, be sure to make these notes. When the items are delivered, you are required to notate the condition of the entire shipment. While packing, you may want to mark the boxes that contain breakables so you can check these for damage first. It is also beneficial for you to notify the movers of where bigger items should be placed.

5. When should I pay for the service?

You should not pay for the service until all items are unloaded and checked for damage. Once it has been delivered and you have gone through the inventory sheet, you are typically expected to provide payment. This is at the end of the service, or if there are multiple trucks, at the end of each load.

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