Five Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Place

Whether relocating across town or across the country, moving can be a stressful time.  There are so many details to take care of, but a little advanced planning will help things progress smoothly.  Many moving companies provide helpful checklists for their customers.  Just remember that even though all arrangements have been made for vacating a property, there are still details that should be taken care of before moving into the new place.

  1. Turn on or transfer utilities

After disconnecting or stopping the utilities at the old place, remember to have them turned on at the new home.  The real estate agent or apartment property manager should be able to provide contact information for water, gas, electric, cable, and internet providers.  Deposits may need to be paid and installations scheduled in advance.

  1. Determine banking options

It’s important to determine whether it will be possible or convenient to continue using the same bank/financial institution after the move.  Direct deposits and automatic bill pay will need to be updated if changing banks.  Remember to clean out the safety deposit box in the old location and return the key.

  1. Update insurance policies

Talk with your insurance agent about homeowners/renters and auto policies for the new address.  If moving to another state, your agent can recommend an office in the new location.  Make certain that your coverage will continue during the move.  Most large moving companies also have protection plans that will cover your belongings in the moving process.

  1. Clean before moving in

Carpet cleaning is so much easier before the furniture arrives.  A professional cleaning service can make sure kitchens and bathrooms are sanitized and cabinets are emptied out.  If you decide to do this chore yourself, make sure the necessary supplies are easily accessible when you arrive.

  1. Consider changing the locks

If you own the new home, consider changing the locks.  There is no way to know who may have an extra key.  The family’s security and peace of mind is worth the expense.

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