Ensuring Your Valuables Travel Safely

Everything seemed to be going so well with your Atlanta move. You were prepared and organized and hired a reputable moving company to transport your worldly possessions from point A to B. There was just one problem though — you did not know how to properly pack your valuables.

So, it therefore came as a shock to see broken glassware upon the arrival to your Atlanta moving destination. Hundreds of dollars and cherished memories of family heirlooms can be lost if they aren’t packed properly. Listed below are the most frequently damaged valuables and how you can keep them safe when you’re moving in Atlanta.

Tips for Transporting Your Belongings

Glassware ranks at the top of the list of most damaged valuables. China sets often hold a lot of sentimental value for their owners, and when even just one piece breaks, the entire collection can be ruined. Depending on the age of these items and where they were obtained, it may be near impossible to replace them.

The utmost protection is necessary, and that means using the best boxes for the job. China and glassware are moved best in smaller boxes. The combined weight of the box and everything inside should be no more than seven to eight pounds, and the container should be adequately sealed and secured with packing peanuts and tape. Wrap each piece of glassware individually and place a sufficient supply of padding between them.

To eliminate any confusion and to emphasize the importance of transporting these items, be sure to label the boxes “FRAGILE” or “GLASSWARE.” Whoever is handling them will certainly get the message to be extra careful.

Chairs, tables and other furniture should be disassembled if at all possible. While it is easier and more convenient to move the entire piece at once, most detachable pieces are better packed by being torn down. This makes the furniture easier to move and safer as well. Remember to keep all electronics in their original packaging along with any and all manuals that came with your purchase.

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