Easy Checklist of all the Things to Set Up Before you Move

Your boxes are packed, the movers are on their way and you’ve completed the final walkthrough of your house. You’re ready to go!

But are you?

It may seem like you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, but moving can be quite a whirlwind, and certain steps to help you ease into your new space can slip through the cracks amidst the stresses of the process.

A.C. White has prepared a simple checklist of things to remember so that you can smoothly transition into this next phase of your life.

Activate Utilities

The most important thing to address upon moving is the utilities in your new home. To ensure a smooth move make sure you:moving into your new place

  • Reach out to the proper electricity and gas providers to turn on your service before or upon moving in.
  • Contact your current providers to confirm final billing and/or shut-off utilities prior to move-out.

Stay Connected

Whether you are sticking with a current cable and internet service provider or changing to a new one you will want to do that right away. In order to get your new place equipped with cable and internet:

  • Confirm with your service provider that your new space is wired for internet so that you can get set up and logged on.
  • Ensure that your new place is cable ready and schedule an appointment to have it activated after your arrival.

Change Your Address

Be sure that you update your personal accounts to reflect your new address so that you don’t miss any associated correspondences. Places to change your address include:

  • Update your address on any banking information and credit card accounts.
  • Update newspaper and magazine subscriptions to allow proper delivery to your new home.
  • Inform Human Resources at your office of your new address so that they can update this on payroll documentation.
  • Notify the Post Office of your move. You can do this online or in person.
  • Speak with a current neighbor about looking out for any stray packages or misdelivered mail.

Miscellaneous Concerns

Other things to consider before your move date:

  • Research and determine local care for your children and/or pets.
  • Forward any education and medical records to the new schools and healthcare facilities that you’ll be attending.
  • If moving a refrigerator, be sure to defrost the freezer a couple days before it is due to be transported.

Also, don’t forget to hire a full-service moving company to pack, move and unpack all of your belongings. This way, you have one less thing to worry about. A.C. White specializes in moving people in the most stress-free ways possible. Contact us today to schedule your move.

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