Drawing Customers to Your New Location After a Big Move

Relocating your business can be a taxing experience, and you are probably worried about the implications this will have on your customer base. Will you lose clients during and after the transition? Are you financially stable enough to withstand these changes? For these reasons and many more, adequate preparation for moving in Atlanta is essential for commercial success.

Thankfully, the wonders of the World Wide Web make it easier than ever to tell people where you are and where you will be. In other words, by utilizing digital technology and making the appropriate efforts now, business will pick right back up at your new location. This is an exciting new venture and your favorite Atlanta movers at AC White wish your company all the best!

What To Do Before Your Atlanta Office Move

The sooner you notify your customer about what is going on, the better. Send reminder emails to your current subscriber list and keep doing so periodically until the transition is complete. If you have a Facebook or other social media account, post regular updates and promptly respond to customer comments. Website notifications and press releases are also essential for keeping everyone in the “moving loop.” Basically, you will want to utilize every available pathway to connect with your target audience, especially if you are a local company with an established client base.

The pros at A.C. White cannot stress this next point enough — if you have a Google Maps listing, please do not forget to update it. The number of people who use their mobile devices these days is significantly higher than ever before. So what do you think is going to happen when a customer shows up at the wrong address? Seriously though, it takes a few minutes and is as simple as can be. Also be sure to update your website’s “Contact Us” page. Remember, every inconsistency is bad for your business’ reputation.

When you are ready to get from point A to B, call our commercial movers in Atlanta for a quote. We look forward to making your relocation a success!

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