What to Consider When Looking For a New Neighborhood

As you get ready to move, keep in mind that you aren’t just picking a new home; you’re also selecting a new neighborhood. Finding the right neighborhood that will best meet your family’s needs can be challenging, but paying attention to a few key things can help you zero in on the location that matches your family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Commute Time and Options

Before considering any neighborhood, ask yourself how long you’re willing to commute and what you want your commute to look like. If you plan to take mass transit to work, look closely at any prospective neighborhood’s public transportation options. If you plan to drive, research what a typical day’s commute will look like in terms of route and traffic.

Neighborhood Conveniences

From supermarkets to dry cleaners, the proximity of certain stores and services can drastically impact a neighborhood’s livability. Before considering any home, take a look and make sure that any often-visited locations are within easy distance. If you like to be able to walk to nearby restaurants and stores, look into any potential neighborhood’s walkability score as well.

Family Amenities

If you have children, you probably already know to research the neighborhood’s school district in advance. Remember to also take a look at the area’s amenities for children, including parks, playgrounds and community centers; if you can, take a drive by and see how well-kept these resources are.

Culture Match

Your new neighborhood needs to compliment your lifestyle. A couple recently out of college might want easy access to restaurants and nightlife, while a family with young children might want to find a neighborhood that has plenty of kids for playmates. Figure out what your preferences are in advance and see how closely any potential neighborhood matches up.

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