Cleaning Out Before the Big Move

An impending move often forces us to sort through the items in our lives. It’s a great time to clean out closets, basements, and garages of unwanted or unused items. Reducing the amount of stuff that must be moved saves both time and money. This is an opportunity to take a hard look at clothing, furniture, and household goods that can be sold, donated, or thrown away.

There is no point in paying to move a large item, only to find that it just doesn’t work in a new floorplan. Furniture that is currently being used may not fit in a new home or apartment. If it is time to replace a worn sofa or mattress, it may be better to get rid of it prior to the move and replace it later.

Many people have closets full of clothes that are no longer being worn. It may be time to clean out items that are out of style, no longer fit, or haven’t been worn in a year or more. Gently used clothing can be donated to a number of charitable organizations. Clothing that is worn out should be thrown away.

Food items are often difficult to move. Ideally, many things in the pantry and refrigerator can be used up beforehand. Dry goods can be packed but are heavy to move. It may be better to donate them to a food pantry and replace at the new location. Moving companies are generally not able to transport refrigerated and frozen food. If the move is a local one, these types of food items could be carried in a cooler in the car.

Most moving companies are prohibited from moving hazardous materials. Do not plan on packing cleaning solvents, aerosol cans, bleach, paint, varnish, kerosene, pesticides, fertilizer, matches, or fireworks. These types of items will need to be disposed of properly or carried in the car. Always check with the moving company to get a comprehensive list of items that cannot be transported.

Sorting and cleaning out may not be a pleasant chore. However, getting rid of some of these things before a move means not having to unpack them at the new destination. Don’t wait until the last minute to get started!

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