How to Choose the Best Long Distance Moving Company

When you need to hire a residential or commercial moving service for your long distance move, make sure you choose one that covers all your needs. Here are some services to look for.

Full Logistics Support

In the case of a commercial moving service, opt for a long distance moving company that offers full logistics support for your supply chain needs, such as temporary warehousing facilities and refrigerated trucks for perishable goods. This kind of support helps ensure that inventory stays safe during the commercial move.

Storage Moves

Most international moves involve days or weeks “in between,” when you’ve vacated the old premises but have to wait before you can move in to the new location. Look for a long distance moving company that understands the need to move belongings into storage until the new premises becomes available. Storage moving requires special moving skills since space is at a premium, so look for a company with this specific experience.

International Forms and Duties Taxes

International moves can be complex due to the forms and duties that are often required to move personal or commercial possessions past another country’s boundaries. A quality international moving company like A.C. White will be able to navigate even the most complicated international laws so that your international move goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving Business Equipment

If you’re looking for a commercial moving service for an international move, look for a company like A.C. White that knows how to handle business equipment with ease. Specialty office equipment such as large-scale plotters, executive desks, printing machines and more, require special handling in order not to damage internal parts and mechanisms. Oftentimes this type of equipment needs special custom crating, particularly in the case of an international move. Let A.C. White go to work for you during your business move.

Personal Moving Coordinator

Trying to manage a move alone is daunting. When you hire a moving company like A.C. White, you get the benefit of planning your next move with a personal moving coordinator. Your personal moving coordinator will guide you step by step through the process to help make this the smoothest move possible.

The best long distance moving company is the one that can best serve all your needs, not just one or two. Contact us today for a quote or a free consultation.

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