Buy Moving Supplies on a Budget

Aside from being one of life’s most stressful experiences, moving can also be very expensive. You need a few trucks, moving blankets, tape, labels and oh-so-many boxes. Boxes will be your greatest moving expense. The experts at A.C. White have some ways you can save on this essential moving cost.

Where To Get Budget Boxes

Skip the trip to the office supply store entirely. Even if you’re moving yourself, you can buy cheaper moving supplies (boxes included) from moving companies. Some nationwide companies will even issue a full 3737216640_5289071df0_orefund for any unused boxes you bought from them as long as you can show them a receipt. There are places in your neighborhood where you can get free boxes if you know where to look. Local recycling centers or wholesale clubs are excellent places to find free boxes; all you have to do is ask. Small boxes from liquor stores are quite sturdy and can readily accommodate books. Go to a big box store like Kroger, Publix or Target and ask for sturdy boxes from them. You never know what they have lying around!

Avoid Using Bubble Wrap

Aside from being bad for the environment (they are nearly impossible to recycle), bubble wrap does not come cheaply either. Instead of using them to wrap your valuable and delicate items, use towels, winter scarves and thick blankets. Even newspapers work quite well. This way, you won’t need a separate box for your towels and blankets because they are already packed in the same box as some of your breakable items as extra padding and protection.

Downsize for Big Savings

If you get rid of some items before your move, you will have less to pack and will need fewer boxes. Consider having a yard sale before your move. If you price your white elephants carefully, you might even end up with quite a chunk of change in your pocket. Remember to get rid of your food before moving as well, because these items can be difficult, and costly, to transport.

For help moving your items, call A.C. White. We’ve been moving people for 90 years and can help you move too! Contact us today to get started.

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