Blog: Protecting Your Furniture During a Move

You spent a lot of money on your household valuables. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to protect them? As common sense as it may sound, millions of homeowners fail to take the moving process seriously, mistakenly assuming that a few bumps in the road or a little light rain will do no harm to their possessions.

Never Move Your Belongings Without the Essentials

Big-ticket items like furniture and electronics are highly fragile and can be permanently damaged when not adequately protected. To save time, most people rely solely on the cramming technique to keep their valuables intact. The act of compressing items, albeit in a somewhat organized fashion, as a means of keeping lighter items from sliding around in the back of a moving truck does more harm than good.

Fragile pieces are strongly advised to be not only snugly placed in boxes but also covered in bubble wrap, surrounded by packing peanuts (or another type of shock absorbing foam) and sealed with packaging tape. Regardless of how far you may be traveling, whether it is a mere few blocks down the street or across the country, this is exactly how you should protect small items.

A word of advice when transporting tables, cabinets and any other piece of furniture that has drawers for storage: Always remove the items inside prior to the move. Does this take more time? Of course, but would you rather come to find a hideous scratch on your expensive hope chest? We thought so!

Disassemble as much as you can to save space and avoid having to rent a larger moving truck. Something as simple as taking a bed frame apart can significantly increase the available square footage, a job that only takes approximately five to 10 minutes to complete. This will also allow you to sufficiently cover the individual components with blankets and other essential moving gear.

While we did mention tips for maximizing truck storage space, you will want to avoid pushing the packing room to its limits. If you need a larger vehicle, accept the circumstances and ask your Atlanta movers if they can provide a discounted rate. You may be surprised at the answer you get!

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