The Best Stress-Relieving Exercises To Help with a Move

There are several ways ease the stress of a major move. As long-time Atlanta movers, a number of our customers have shared their stress-relieving techniques with us through the years. One of the most common tips we’ve heard to help alleviate the stress of moving is to exercise. Below are examples of exercises you can try to overcome a stressful move.

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Before you do anything else, lie or sit completely still and visualize every part of your body relaxing one by one. Take deep breaths and pay close attention as you inhale and exhale. Fill up your lungs with oxygen with every intake and release not only the air in your lungs but also the tension in your body as you exhale. While this is mostly a mental exercise, the oxygen in your lungs will begin to energize you.

Neck and Shoulders

Drop your chin forward as you sit straight in a chair or on the floor. Slowly roll your neck clockwise, then do the same in the opposite direction. Repeat this eight times. Next, stretch out your arms sideways and move them eight times forward in a circle, then backwards for the same count. You can remain sitting for this, or you can stand up if you prefer.


To help ease your back tension, sit on the edge of a chair and slump your body forward as you keep your feet flat on the floor. Slowly straighten your body and try to feel your spine move one vertebrae at a time until you’re in a fully upright position.

Upper Body

While standing, stretch your arms high above your head and hold for 20 seconds. Then drop down to the floor and touch it with your hands while in a squatting position. Then stand up again and bend forward as far as you can with your hands on your hips and feet planted at hip width. Slowly move to the right then to the left and forward before coming back up. Repeat eight times.

Cardio Exercises

Go for a quick run, shoot a few hoops, play a round of golf or put in a few laps at the city pool – sometimes all it takes to get rid of stress is to engage in your favorite cardio activity.

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