Best Price Boxes

We have found a better way to recycle the box board that we normally throw into the dumpster and pay to have hauled away each week by joining forces with Best Price Boxes to sell “gently-used” moving boxes.

We are now set up to sell book boxes to wardrobe boxes, often at deeply discounted prices, and will buy them back when the customer has finished with them.  We will buy and sell any types of moving/shipping boxes, even those not originally purchased from us,  as long as they meet the “gently-used” criteria.  Tape and writing on the box is okay, but holes or stains are not.

Not only does the customer get a good deal, but they also help the environment as an added bonus. Best Price Boxes reuses/recycles more than 1,400 tons of cardboard per year.

For more information or pricing in the Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah area, visit .

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