Best Practices for Office Relocations

Moving to a new office can be a very exciting prospect. The actual process involved in moving to a new office could, however, be stressful and tiresome. This is because most of the organizations have little or no expertise in managing office moves. Whether you are involved in the movement of a corporate headquarters, the relocation of a few staff members or the start of a new business, the following useful tips for office relocations will help you plan and guide the office movement effectively.

1. Prioritize the Plan

The priority is to develop a thoroughly workable plan. This process should be started as early as possible to avoid the last minute rush. Ensure that the IT team is engaged at this stage so that the systems that are critical to the company are prioritized and put in place. The movement should be transparent, as such, the organizations customers should be aware of this move. Incorporating the IT department at this stage will also reduce the downtime during the actual movement.

2. Engage Your Teamoffice moving

Come up with a team that will include participation from all the functional areas of the organization. The impact of office relocation to employees cannot be underestimated. Try as much as possible to engage them in early stages so that they are prepared psychologically.

3. Communicate

Office relocation is a team effort that can be fully facilitated with proper communications. Communicate to your staff the objectives of the move. The specific schedules and various responsibilities of the team members as the project progresses need to be communicated at this level. Continuous communication to the management and employees is recommended since it will always ensure an easier move that is full of everyone’s support.

4. Assess Technology

Assessing relevant technology will enable you to make the most out of the existing opportunities. This is the time that you can make all the necessary upgrading to your organization’s technology to fit the new locations. Incorporate the IT team to assess services, equipment, technology and the service agreements.

5. Call an Experienced Mover

An experienced mover is the one thing you must have during your office relocation. Without one items can be broken or lost, and moves can get off schedule. For a mover with more than 80 years of experience, call A.C. White. Our movers can move your business effectively and efficiently. You won’t even have to lift a finger.

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