Being Organized Today Will Help When You Decide To Move Tomorrow

Our professional Atlanta movers have found that a major problem many people in the moving process run into is the stress of last-minute organization. We recommend that you keep everything organized year-round, so that a potential move down the line will be smooth and simple.

Organizers for the Little Things

Anything can become a unit for organization. Boxes, jars, containers, plastic bins and more are all great vessels. It’s important to use containers that are easy to label and stack to make the most of your space.

File Folders

Papers are both a major headache and a fire hazard. File folders are not only great for resource purposes, but they also will cut down on the piles upon piles of papers sitting around your kitchen and office areas. You may be surprised at how many of these papers are no longer relevant and will be tossed out.

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

When everything has it’s own place, you’re more than likely to always put it back there. If things don’t have a proper place, they add to the clutter and disorganization. Envision a tool bench where every tool has an outline on the wall. Adapting this mindset will do wonders for your organization.

Other Easy Organization Tips

  • Use hangers to hang more than just your clothes. You can hang purses, scarves, boots, tablecloths and more in your closet to cut down on clutter.
  • When you need old plastic bags, store them in old tissue boxes or wine bottle bags.
  • Use Velcro tape or twist ties to keep cords together.
  • Use zip-seal bags.
  • Invest in drawer organizers to get rid of that “junk drawer.”
  • Use a desktop organizer in your bathroom to organize essentials or makeup.

Whether you need help organizing for a move down the street or across the world, Atlanta moving company A.C. White has the experience and expertise to transport your belongs safely and efficiently.

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