Avoid Moving Mishaps With Moving Company

Most people move only a handful of times in their life, so when the time comes to relocate, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the experience. Working with the right moving company and avoiding these common moving mishaps can make all the difference. Below we’ve listed what not to do when hiring a moving professional.

1. Fall Victim to a Moving Scam

Movers in the state of Georgia are required to have a license. Licensure helps protect you and your belongings. If you hire an unlicensed mover, you have little recourse when something goes wrong. Some unlicensed movers are even scam artists who do a bad job and run with the money.

You can avoid scam artists by checking the license when you hire a mover, and by hiring a mover with a good reputation in your community. Consider more than price when looking for a mover for your relocation. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

2. Failure to Shop Around

Shopping around is a good way to find a reputable moving professional. You will see that A.C. White is the best choice there is! We offer the best services and will do it the right way. Never hire a mover who doesn’t need to see your home or your belongings in order to quote a price. All movers that you’re considering for your upcoming relocation should come to your home to view your possessions for themselves.

3. Wait Till the Last Minute to Find a Mover

The best movers book up quickly, so as soon as you know you’re moving and where you’re going, book appointments with moving companies to get bids. If you do find yourself planning a last minute location, be prepared to be flexible on the day and time. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to hire a good mover.

4. Move at a Popular Time

Summer is a very popular time for people to move. With children out of school and on summer break, it’s a natural time for homeowners with families to relocate. Even people who live in apartments often choose to move in summer because it’s a time of year when many people find it easy to get time off from work.

Many movers charge higher prices at the popular times of year. Moving in the summer can be expensive, and booking a mover can be difficult. If you plan to move in summer, plan to cast a wide net as you look for a moving company. If you can, plan to move in the middle of the week, or put off your move until slightly later in the year. Moving at a less popular time makes it easier to find a moving company and may also make your relocation slightly cheaper.

5. Failure to Check References and Testimonials

Always check references and testimonials when hiring a moving company. Check multiple references and ask each reference the same questions, to make it easier to compare the answers from one reference to the next. Ask questions such as:

  • When did you move?
  • Would you hire this mover again?
  • Did anything go wrong with your move?

If you can, get a referral from a friend or family member that you trust. The best Atlanta moving company will be able to refer you to many satisfied customers from previous relocations.

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If you’re relocating sometime in the coming year, contact a reputable Atlanta moving company for a bid. At A.C. White Moving company, we perform residential and commercial in-state and long-distance moves. We’re licensed, and we’ve been in business over 90 years. Contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation.

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