Alpharetta Touch a Truck

In our nearly nine decades of being a successful Atlanta moving company, we have participated in several community projects that benefited the local population. This is simply part of our commitment to service as well as a dimension of our identity as a native Georgia company. There are few activities we enjoy more than getting to know the other members of the community where we live and work.

Alpharetta Touch a Truck

On August 23, 2014, we joined other companies that use trucks in their business to give the children of Alpharetta a rare look into the belly of the beast. Our moving vans and semis parked proudly alongside fire trucks, construction trucks, ambulances and trash trucks to give visitors an inside glimpse of what could only be for many of them a unique micro-environment.

With its boom extended, a construction truck served as an ad-hoc swing set for older children. Firemen were on hand to explain the different equipment on their trucks and share useful safety information with the children and their adult companions. There were antique trucks on hand as well, giving visitors an insight of the progress that have been made in the trucking industry through the years.

For A.C. White, the children were delighted to be hoisted to the cabin of a semitruck and see all the buttons, levers and gears that make for a safe and speedy journey. They were most delighted, however, with pulling on the horn. The next time they hear that sound on the highways of America, you can bet they’ll know just where it came from!

Our Commitment

As residential and commercial movers in Atlanta, Georgia, we are part of the community we serve. We have moved families and businesses in, out and around Georgia as well as across the country and around the world. Our knowledge and expertise in this industry is unsurpassed and matched only by our dedication to providing all our customers with excellent and timely customer care.

So the next time you’re looking for reliable Atlanta or Alpharetta movers, assistance moving in or to Atlanta or data storage and records management in Atlanta, look no further than A.C. White. For nearly 90 years and four generations, we have been a part of the fabric of this historic southern state. We look forward to another 90 years of service and community action with our Georgia neighbors.

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