A.C. White Can Assist with Your School Move

Here at A.C. White, we pride ourselves on being experts on every kind of moving—including moving schools! If your school is planning on a move this summer or perhaps looking to move campuses soon, we encourage you to call us and have one of our skilled moving planners come out to your school and help you begin the process of coordinating your school’s move.

Schools change campus locations more often than the public might think, and it is a massive project to undertake. Normally these moves happen during the summertime, when classes are out, because they can take time and so that the students and parents will not be confused by a mid-year switch.

Even if they do not necessarily relocate, schools often will hire moving companies if they are performing major renovations to their campus or if they have acquired new buildings and need to move in. With major renovations, our movers are usually asked to remove and replace the school’s furniture and supplies at the beginning and end of construction, storing it during the interim. Moving into newly acquired buildings is similar to any other move in, but the new furniture is usually shipped to the location ahead of time.

Your school’s move doesn’t need to be difficult. We are experienced with moves of all sizes, and we have the manpower to ensure that the move goes quickly and smoothly, regardless of the size of your campus. To start your move, we will send a moving coordinator to your campus to help you and the rest of your administrative staff schedule and coordinate the move. Your school move can be a breeze with the professionalism and dedication of A.C. White.

Before we go, tell us: has your school ever moved or temporarily relocated to a new campus? What surprised you about the process? Did you come across any unexpected complications during your move, and how did your moving company help you to solve them?

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