7 Moving Hacks

Moving is said to be one of the most stressful events in any person’s life, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re downsizing or heading to your dream home. It requires upending your entire life—rummaging through dusty storage, boxing every belonging, reorganizing your life in a new and unfamiliar space, and parting with a home still rife with memory. You can alleviate some of the burden by hiring a reputable moving company and planning ahead, but a few secret packing tricks can help turn your new beginning into a breeze. Cheat the stress with these seven clever life hacks for moving:

1. Take Photos Before Taking Things Apart

In the exhaustion after a move, you don’t want the added frustration of re-assembling appliances or deciphering electronic arrangements. Rather than spending hours struggling to figure out how to put everything back together, take pictures before unplugging all those cords or collapsing furniture for storage.

2. Easy Closet Packing

Don’t pull any clothes off of the hangers. Rather than folding them into boxes, wrap a garbage bag around them for quick and easy unpacking.

3. Makeshift Box Handles

Take a box cutter and carve a triangle-shaped handle on each side of the box. These makeshift handles make heavy boxes easier to lift and carry.

4. Creative Storage for Tiny Valuables

Egg cartons make great storage units for jewelry and other small trinkets. Likewise, if you need to remove nails and screws from bookshelves or bed frames, put them in a zip lock baggie and tape them to the furniture. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not scrambling around to find important pieces.

5. Safely Store Delicate Dishware

Stack Styrofoam plates between your glass plates as an easy and effective storage padding. Pack them vertically like old records — this adds extra safety and prevents breaking during transportation.

6. Roll, Don’t Lift, the Extra Weight

You already have a lot to carry around on your moving day, so make it a little easier. Don’t carry the heaviest items in flimsy boxes; instead, pack them in rolling suitcases. At the end of the day you’ll be glad you gave yourself a little break.

7. Plan Ahead for an Easy First Night

Pack a “first night bag” with the essentials. You won’t have to frantically scramble through box after box to find your toothbrush if you keep everything you need for that night on hand.

Hopefully these moving hacks will help you in the process. Contact the expert movers a A.C. White for more help during your big move.

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