6 Things You Can Store in Mini Storage, and Some Things You Shouldn’t

The late comedian George Carlin did a skit called “Stuff.” He facetiously said the meaning of life is “stuff.” It’s funny because we do accumulate more stuff than we have space. We amass so much stuff, he joked, that we have to get a bigger house to keep our “stuff” and sometimes put some of it in storage. Yes, he says, there’s an entire industry dedicated to keeping an eye on your “stuff.”

Seriously, though, have you ever stopped and thought about all those purchases that “seemed like a good at the time?” Later you’re deciding whether to keep the coffee table or get rid of that monstrous treadmill. If you, like many, have too much “stuff,” need to downsize living space or are in the military serving overseas and need help with your stuff, A.C. White can accommodate all of your storage needs. Let A.C. White take the hassle out of dealing with all that “stuff.”

Six Good Storage Items

This stuff would be better served in mini storage than under your futon.

  1. Iron Man: No, not Robert Downey Jr. In Marvel’s Iron Man 3, Tony Stark has 42 variations of his powered exoskeleton. For the avid collector, there are far too many action figures to fit into a mid-town apartment. Climate controlled mini self-storage is a perfect, safe solution for that treasure trove.
  2. Cinderella: For the cosplay enthusiast, Renaissance Faires, Masquerade Balls and Halloween parties require an abundance of garments and accessories. Fortunately, they’re seasonal items that can be kept neatly tucked away until needed.
  3. Celluloid: One of the top collected items are movies. Over the years, the film industry has downsized from VHS tapes to DVD to basically online streaming. It’s time to take those boxes full of movies to storage.
  4. Family Nostalgia: Perhaps your children are grown and you saved all those heart-warming Valentine’s Day cards and Science Fair Projects. These precious memories are better kept in a climate controlled self-storage than a damp basement.
  5. Vintage Clothing: You probably spent a lot of time searching for these items, but you may not need to wear them often. Store your prized possession in a safe space, that doesn’t take up your space.
  6. Antique Furniture: Maybe you received a lot of pieces from your great aunt. These are valuable to you, but do not fit with your current decor. We can look after them for you.

Six Things NOT To Put In Storage

A.C. White wants to help you displace your things, but please don’t send us any of the following;

  • Flammable Materials: gas cans, paint thinners, and other chemicals.
  • Perishable Items.
  • Pets and Plants.
  • Cash.
  • Stolen or Illegal Items.
  • Noxious Material.
  • Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives.

Mini storage is a great option for most people. If you want us to take some things off your hands, contact us today.

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