18 Things You Could be Doing if You Hire a Full-Service Moving Company

Put down the packing tape and step away from the moving box.


Why do you want to find yourself on an ambulance stretcher with the paramedics lighting up your chest with the defibrillators because you tried tackling the move all by yourself? You could be doing so much more in your life instead of dealing with the stress, headaches and physical pain of packing boxes, loading moving trucks, and corralling the pets into their carriers. Hiring a full-service moving company lets you place the stress on their shoulders while you can relax and enjoy your last days at your old place.

Hire professional movers who can ensure the job is done right and all of your possessions arrive at the new home intact. Here are 10 things you could be doing with your life if you hire a full-service moving company;

1: Get Selfies With Your Favorite Celebrities

2: Sun by the Poolside

3: Paint Your Fingernails

4: Netflix a Marathon of Shows

5: Catch up on Work

6: Take a Mini Vacation

7: Catch a Movie With Friends

8: Take Care of Other Moving Tasks

9: Go on a Bar Hop

10: Throw the Largest Block Party

11. Visit Your In-Laws

12. Take in a Ball Game

13. Walk Your Dog

14. Have a Nice Meal Out

15. Catch up on Sleep

16. Spend Quality Time With Your Significant Other

17. Call an Old Friend

18. Send Some Snail Mail

Of course, some of this is a little silly, but the point remains the same — you do not have to move yourself! Instead, enjoy yourself and let someone else handle the stress of your move. With full-service moving companies such as A.C. White, you can have a relaxing move whether you are just moving a block away or to another city. Contact us today to get the best quotes for your move.

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