10 Tips for Moving Your Business This Fall

Our Atlanta office movers have moved countless businesses over the span of our 87 years in the industry, and through those moves, they have acquired a few tips for moving your business. Here are ten of our favorite tips for making your move easier.

  1. Hire a moving company in advance: Once you’ve decided to move and narrowed down your business’ new location, you should start calling moving companies. Get several quotes and determine which company will provide you with the best service for the rate. We recommend you begin the process of finding a mover between six weeks to two months before your intended move date.
  2. Make a checklist: The process of moving can be overwhelming. Sitting down and creating a checklist can help to make the entire process more streamlined.
  3. Donate: As with any move, you should donate anything your business no longer needs. Do not pay to move items that you aren’t ever going to use.
  4. Pack early: Begin packing inessential items as soon as possible, leaving the items you need until last. Remember that just like some projects, packing can take longer than you expect.
  5. Clearly mark everything: Businesses typically lose productivity during the process of moving in Atlanta because they do not know where anything is once they make it to the new office. Marking everything will help you to get back up and running more quickly.
  6. Keep cables together: Use clearly marked bags to pack all of the cables for individual computers for easier set-up.
  7. Be careful with computers: Use heavy blankets wrapped in tape to protect computers. Back up all information before shutting down just in case a hard drive is disturbed mid-move.
  8. Wrap electronics: Wrap up all of your other electronic items to keep them safe. Be sure to tape down covers and lids and remove any cartridges before wrapping.
  9. Get insurance: For many movers, you must purchase moving insurance before your office move. However, even if your mover doesn’t require this, play it safe and insure your belongings.
  10. Update your address: Once you’re settled in to your new offices, go ahead and update your address. Don’t forget to tell clients about your move!

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