The Office Moving Process


An important step in the office moving process is the pre-move survey.  This survey will be scheduled and completed by a Commercial Moving Consultant at A.C. White Relocations.  The Commercial Moving Consultant will visit your facility to obtain a visual and verbal confirmation of your company’s moving needs, and after the site visit, the Commercial Moving Consultant will provide you with a written pricing estimate to explain the office moving services and costs for your entire moving process.

Move Orientation

A.C. White Relocations conducts move orientation meetings to assist your staff with the office moving process by providing general and specific moving information.  Our process begins with an orientation. During the orientation, we will touch on many important issues to get your office move off on the right foot. We will sit down with you to go over deliveries, pickups, packing materials and packing instructions, furniture and equipment preparations and special scheduling.

Site/Building Preparation

A.C. White Relocations provides the building protection needed to ensure that the buildings involved in your move are protected and remain in their pre-move conditions.  A.C. White will protect all areas to include floors, walls, corners, doors, door casings, stair areas and elevators. Some of the material used in this process includes masonite and carpet masking, corrugate and foam board, corner protectors, pads and door and door casing covers.  A.C. White Relocations provides all required insurance information directly to the property management companies prior to the move to prevent any delays in the moving process.

Housekeeping Services

After all items have been moved from the existing location to the new location, many property management companies require that the exiting tenant leave the area free of debris and reasonably clean.  Many exiting tenants will employ a cleaning service to come in to remove trash that is not associated with the move and to “broom-sweep” the area. A. C. White Relocations provides an economical solution for this service by having the office movers complete the cleaning process when the move is completed

Post- Office Moving Services

Items that are moved are placed in assigned areas during a move, but circumstances may require that certain items be moved again following the original process.  Whether the reason is overcrowding or rearranging furniture, this process usually occurs on the first day your employees return to work following the move. To prevent loss of productivity and possible exposure to unnecessary liability, A.C. White Relocations will provide a small moving crew to return to your location on this day to assist with this process. Click here to find the nearest location to you and begin scheduling your move.