Make Room for the Holidays

Fall has arrived, and for many, a time to get things in order. Perhaps you moved over the summer or simply have been too busy to find a space for everything that has accumulated over time.

Although the task can often seem daunting, de-cluttering and reorganizing your garage or basement…perhaps a bedroom, or two…is not difficult if you use these basic steps.

Step 1: Identify and Prioritize

Which areas need the most help? The garage or basement may need the most attention, but if your in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving, then the guest bedroom should be first on your to-do list.

Step 2: Categorize

Everything you see will fall into one of these five categories:

Essential: These are items that you use daily.
Seasonal: These are items that are used seasonally or on occasion. Decorations for holidays or parties fall into this category. However, it could also be clothing (such as winter/spring wear), sports gear or lawn care. Anything that will only be retrieved when needed.
Sentimental: These are items you do not use daily but which you want to keep.
Un-used: You no longer use these items or use them rarely. They do not have any sentimental value. These may be items that would be good for a yard sale, but don’t try to decide that at first.
Trash: Anything that doesn’t fall into the above categories should be considered trash.

Step 3:  Sorting

Now it’s time to start sorting. First, assign a space for each category. It could be a corner of the room (this is seasonal; that is sentimental, etc.) or could be tagged bins/boxes/bags. Now you are ready to sort. Hint: Don’t think too much. Remember, nothing is leaving your possession right away, and you can always shift an item to a different category later.

Step 4: Storage

Now that everything is sorted, it’s time to store.
Essential items need to be readily accessible.
Seasonal items can be boxed and stored on-site or with A.C.White for easy access during the year.
Sentimental items can be boxed and stored with A.C.White
Un-used items can be donated, recycled or boxed and stored with A.C. White for that spring yard sale you have in mind.
And, of course, toss the trash.

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